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Alpha PowerAlpha Power is a name that you can Trust. We sell all kinds of Generator Like electric generator, Electric Gasoline Generator, Diesel Electric Generator.

New & Old Both kind of Generators are available. We have a good support team for our clients. Our products are widely used in office buildings, hospitals, factories, municipals, power plants, universities, and entertainment. Besides, we can also provide specific solutions for various industries according to customers’ special power needs and provide efficient and reliable electricity.

Available Model

10KW 295D STC-10KW
12KW 2100D STC-12KW
15KW 4100D STC-15KW
20KW 4100D STC-20KW
24KW 4100D STC-24KW
30KW 4100ZD STC-30KW
40KW 4105D STC-40KW
50KW 4105ZD STC-50KW
64KW 6105ZD TZH-64KW
75KW 6105ZD TZH-75KW
90KW 6105AZLD TZH-90KW
100KW 6105AZLD TZH-100KW
120KW 6105IZLD TZH-120KW
150KW 6113ZLD TZH-150KW
200KW 6LTA8.9-G2 TZH-200KW
250KW NTA8550G2 TWF-250KW
300KW 12V135AZD TWF-300KW
350KW 12V135AZLD TWF-350KW
400KW 12V135BZLD TWF-400KW
500KW 12V135BZLD1 TWF-500KW
600KW KTA38G2 TWF-600KW
720KW KTA38G2A TWF-720KW
800KW KTA38-G5 TWF-800KW
1000KW KTAA38G9A TWF-1000KW

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